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Contat us 24/7 car rental service with good price in Da Nang, Need a car to Hoi An 29 seats cheap and beautiful, how much is the price of 29 seats tourist car rental?

Da Nang - A destination that has never run out of HOT regardless of whether it's sunny or rainy, cold or hot, even domestic or foreign guests can't resist the attraction of Da Nang. Why is Da Nang so "expensive"? 

Da Nang is a large city that is developing economically and socially, besides it is also the center of 3 famous world cultural heritages: Hoi An Ancient Town, Hue Ancient Capital, My Son Sanctuary. . Not only that, it is also located in the position of leaning against the mountain facing the sea, plus the mild climate makes the city view all year round throughout the month has a very unique beauty, is a great combination of modern inside the heart of ancient times.


cau vang da nang

Great destination - Da Nang

In addition to the famous beautiful tourist destinations, the cuisine here is also something that "tries" tourists. Local specialties with bold Central flavor, delicious and fancy and not picky about consumers. The people here are equally interesting, friendly, gentle and cute, along with the service here is also raised to the highest level to bring the best experience for tourists. sometimes there A number of "incidents" occurred affecting Da Nang but were satisfactorily handled soon after, which made the image of Da Nang in the eyes of tourists even more "worth living" as the assertion. . 

banh trang thit heo

Rich cuisine in Da Nang

In addition to domestic tourists who often travel and visit in Da Nang, this is also a very attractive place for foreign tourists in general, and especially Korean tourists in particular. For Koreans, when it comes to Da Nang, it's like talking about Japan with Tokyo, the US with New York or Australia with Sydney. Famous for its images of people, cuisine and extremely eye-catching attractions, suitable for traveling and resorting.


hoi an tour

Image of Korean tourists in Da Nang 

When talking about tourism services, besides services such as eating and sleeping, the travel service is also very good, usually when traveling, tourists will choose but vehicles to move such as taxi, grab car/bike, even self-driving motorbike. This is also very good, but there is an even better service that is car rental. 

The price of car rental if calculated per capita on a car, the cost will be much smaller than the above-mentioned vehicles, besides, it can also accommodate a large number of tourists from 4 to 4. 45 passengers corresponds to a car from 4-45 seats, there is also a spacious luggage compartment. Can move many people at the same time, operate at optimal capacity and save some money. 

rental car for your trip in da nang city, vietnam

Prestigious 29-seat car rental service in Da Nang 

Currently, car rental services in Da Nang are quite a lot, with different prices, depending on the type of car and the type of service you use. At Da Nang Cars, the tourist car rental service has many years of experience in the profession, a team of new cars and experienced and friendly drivers. 

Bus routes run diverse daily from Da Nang to Ba Na to visit the French village and the world famous Golden Bridge, to Hoi An Ancient Town to admire the mysterious ancient beauty and enjoy the delicious chicken rice specialties, Go to Bay Mau Coconut Forest to experience the famous basket dance game. With Cu Lao Cham Island to see first-hand the beautiful island nestled in the middle of the blue sea, to Ngu Hanh Son Mountain or Linh Ung Pagoda to pray for peace. pay homage to Buddha, go to Than Tai Mountain to experience how to bathe in a water park located in the middle of the forest, or go back to VinWonder to have fun at Vinpearl Nam Hoi An,...

The routes on almost all cars in Da Nang Cars run at full capacity every day, the number of bookings is increasing in proportion to the increasing number of tourists coming to Da Nang, the hottest car is 29. place. Most tourists travel in groups of 15-25 people, the 29-seat car is definitely the correct choice. The most powerful 29-seat cars in Da Nang Cars are Hyundai County, Isuzu Samco and Thaco Town, these are modern, beautiful, new 29-seat cars and operate extremely well in Da Nang market and because Da Nang City is not too large, so choosing a 29-seat car is a reasonable choice. 

Please refer to the three types of vehicles mentioned above to better understand the type of vehicle you want to use! 

29-seat Hyundai County car 


29-seat car rental in Da Nang

29-seat Isuzu Samco car 

Cheap price 29-seat reputable tourist 

29-seat Thaco Town car 


Best 29-seat car rental service in Da Nang 

Normal/luxury car rental service from 4-45 seats at Da Nang Cars is always ready to serve you when you come here, committed to providing a good experience because your satisfaction is our service motto.

For details about the price of 29-seat car rental in Da Nang, please contact directly at the hotline number below to receive the best quote! 

Price note: 
* Price includes: Driver service, courteous, attentive, petrol, fuel, airport fees, parking lots, tolls, driver's salary, passenger insurance, sleeping driver self-sufficient. 
* Price does not include: VAT (VAT invoice is 8%, Note: Invoice is issued within 3 working days after completing the payment), Driver Tips (if good service) and other services. expenses incurred (if any). 
* High season, so the payment (deposit is 50%) is not refundable or refundable under any circumstances. 
* In addition to the program, the service quota for the daily tour within the province is: 100km/day (not cumulative) and the service time is 7:30 - 19:30 daily.

Prestigious 29-seat car rental with good price in Da Nang with driver, 4-45 seater tourist (premium) car rental, wedding/inquiry service car, please contact Da Nang Cars


Hotline: 093 1222 865 (Mobile/zalo)



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