Da Nang Quality 16-Seater Tourist Car Rental


Da Nang tourism market at the end of the year is active, one of the most developed areas is car rental. With an increasing number of tourists, the demand for car rental is indispensable, especially for renting a 16-seat tourist car because this is the type of car that best meets the needs of customers.

The most popular 16-seat passenger car rental are Ford Transit and Hyundai Solati cars, these are the two most popular models among customers in the 16-seater models. Simply because the car can meet the usual number of 9-15 people (which is the number of a large family), the passenger compartment is comfortable and the passenger compartment is spacious, able to accommodate a large number of people. a large amount of personal luggage, the cost per capita is moderate, it can even be said that the price is very good, the car is safe and smooth, the time is proactive as well as the schedule on demand. is available.


Da Nang Quality 16-Seater Tourist Car Rental

Therefore, renting a 16-seat tourist car is too great for a trip to Da Nang for sightseeing. 16-seat car rental service in Da Nang is also very diverse because there are quite a few tourist car rental units operating at the same time. And also diverse in different models and models, but in the popular 16-seater segment, the most dominant are still Ford Transit and Hyundai Solati.

Rent a 16-seater tourist car for a long time, according to your schedule, for weddings, conferences,... all available at Da Nang Cars. 16-seat tourist car rental at Da Nang Cars with rates The cost is suitable for the quality of service, commitment to a new car, comfortable in terms of pick-up and drop-off time, the right to ask for a driver (funny, friendly, quiet,...). Car rental service 4-45 seats with many years of experience in the profession, we are sure that will bring satisfaction to you when using our service.

Ford Transit car for rent

16-seat passenger car rental service Ford Transit in Da Nang Cars

Hyundai Solati car for rent in Danang

16-seat car rental Hyundai Solati good price for travel, conference, wedding,... in Da Nang Cars

Danang car rental for the best service
The clean, luxurious seats of the 16-seater car are currently for rent in Da Nang Cars

the price of car rental at Danangcars

Modern driver's compartment, new technology when renting a 16-seater car in Da Nang

If you need to rent a 16-seat car in Da Nang, please contact the hotline below to meet staff online 24/7 for assistance with consulting and booking a car.


Hotline: 093 1222 865 (Mobile/zalo)

Email: info@danangcars.com

Fanpage: fb.com/xevipdanang

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