Car rental 45 seats to Ba Na Hills in Da Nang


Coming to the tourist car rental service from 4-45 seats, luxury luxury cars, wedding cars / inquiries of the Da Nang Cars tourist fleet, you will easily rent yourself a car suitable for your needs. needs and uses. Currently, the 45-seat car is dominant in the Da Nang market, the quality and service is unquestionable, the car is new, safe, the driver is enthusiastic, funny, and full of experience. 

Car rental 45 seats to Hoi An or Ba Na Hills in Da Nang

45 seat car rental

Car - for - rent - in - Danang

The price of 45-seat car rental in Da Nang may vary depending on the time, depending on the day the car is still available or "burned out" because the number of visitors to Da Nang is very large, including domestic and foreign people. Therefore, the demand for vehicles for large groups is quite large, 45-seat cars are a combination of economy and efficiency, which will definitely bring a great experience to customers. 

The 45-seat car rental service in Da Nang of Da Nang Cars tourist car will meet all your requirements when you need to rent a 45-seat car for a group of guests from 32 to 42 people. With a professional 45-seat car rental service, you can own a car with beautiful appearance, comfortable interior, careful driving, fun, friendly and professional... 

45 seater car for rental

Danangcars 45 seats car for rent to Hoi An or Ba Na Hills


For car rental price 45 Where to travel in Da Nang, please contact the hotline to receive the earliest price quote! 

Price note: 
* Price includes: Driver service, courteous, attentive, petrol, fuel, airport fees, parking lots, tolls, driver's salary, passenger insurance, sleeping driver self-sufficient.
* Price does not include: VAT (VAT invoice is 8%, Note: Invoice is issued within 3 working days after completing the payment), Driver Tips (if good service) and other services. expenses incurred (if any). 
* High season, so the payment (deposit is 50%) is not refundable or refundable under any circumstances. In addition to the program, the service quota for intra-provincial daily tours is: 100km/day (not cumulative) and service time is 7:30 - 19:30 daily.

Rent a 45-seat tourist car with driver, rent a 4-45-seat tourist car (premium), wedding service car / inquire, please contact Da Nang Cars: 




Office: 12 Dã Tượng, Sơn Trà, Đà Nẵng

Hotline: 0905 398 364 (Mobile/Zalo)




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