Da Nang Luxury Car Rental for Open Golf Tournament


In addition to the rise of Da Nang tourism, high-class car rental services for conferences are also following the rapid development momentum.

Danang Golf Festival is held at the end of this August, this is a high-class event that promises to bring many exciting and exciting activities in the city. Typical for recent events such as Enjoy Da Nang - Take Me To The Sun, Danang Electronic Carnival or Carnival Street Parade - Sunfest. These are extremely HOT events that just took place in July and will continue until the end of September.  

golf in da nang

Danang Golf Festival to attract luxury guests 

BRG Open Golf Championship Danang 2022 at BRG Danang Golf The resort takes place from August 28 to September 2 and Da Nang is also the host for 3 consecutive years 2022, 2023, 2024.

This Golf Festival will include typical activities such as: International Conference on Golf Tourism Development; activities to visit, experience, try golf practice; activities to promote food, charity and tour programs. Along with many such events and conferences, tourism services such as accommodation, transportation, dining and entertainment also thrive because the number of visitors is very large, along with security. increasingly tight because high-class events such as this Golf tournament bring together domestic and international golfers to attend. One of the main HOT services is car rental service, especially high-class car rental service for Golf. 

golfer attend to open golf championship in da nang

Festival attracting Golfers from all over the world is about to take place in Da Nang

Luxury car rental service, high-class car for the purpose of this Danang Golf Festival in Danang

Cars is ready to serve according to your needs. This is an extremely attractive event for golfers from all over the world to attend this event to exchange, exchange, try, compete and make friends with each other. And because in other places, people pay a lot of attention to the movement, guests who are passionate about Golf, surely their need is to rent a luxury car or a luxury car to use.

Vehicles suitable for that need at Da Nang Cars are available such as: KIA Sedona (The most suitable car for golf guests because the car has a very spacious and comfortable middle corridor), Dcar Limousine, Mercedes, Camry,...


KIA Sedona luxury car rental in Da Nang, dcar Limousine luxury car rental in Da Nang.

 vip car for rent
Mercedes luxury car rental in Da Nang , high-class car rental, luxury car rental

We are committed to a new standard car, luxurious exterior, modern interior, spacious and comfortable, doctor Many years of experience in the profession will bring a sense of safety, smooth operation, cost-effective service and especially the car is always READY whenever the customer requests, just call and there will be a car. right away. These are the things that Da Nang Cars definitely brings to bring you a great experience with all the prestige and quality put on top.

To book a car, please call our hotline number so that our 24/7 online staff can help you with advice and book a parking appointment for you. The price of luxury car rental all depends on your schedule, the more detailed the schedule, the more accurate the price of luxury car rental for golf. 

Price note: 
* Price includes: Driver service, courteous, attentive, petrol, fuel, airport fees, parking lots, tolls, driver's salary, passenger insurance, sleeping driver self-sufficient. 
* Price does not include: VAT (VAT invoice is 8%, Note: Invoice is issued within 3 working days after completing the payment), Driver Tips (if good service) and other services. expenses incurred (if any). 
* High season, so the payment (deposit is 50%) is not refundable or refundable under any circumstances. 
* In addition to the program, the service quota for the daily tour within the province is: 100km/day (not cumulative) and the service time is 7:30 - 19:30 daily
Call the contact information below to receive the best car quote! 

Rent a luxury car for Golf Da Nang with driver, rent a tourist car (premium) 4-45 seats, wedding service car / inquire, please contact Da Nang Cars


Hotline: 093 1222 865 (Mobile/zalo)

Email: info@danangcars.com

Fanpage: fb.com/xevipdanang

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