Dcar Limousine 10 seats Danang VIP car rental


Dcar Limousine 10 seats was improved by experts from the Ford Transit 16 seat. With the interior very luxury and modern. Inside the car are 10 seats include 4 VIP seats facing each other. And 3 standard rear seats are covered with high quality felt leather like standard 5 star on board.

The equipped with modern equipments such as: 220V power outlet for phone charger. Laptop, 6 multi-function USB ports, privacy partition between driver and passenger boundary, DVD player, speaker, lamp led,… The comfort of turning, falling back of the chair makes you feel comfortable for sightseeing and relax …


Dcar Limousine 10 seats, danang vip car hire

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vip car rental with dcar limousine

Dcar Limousine 10 seats Danang VIP car rental.


Danang VIP car – Dcar Limousine 10 seats. Dcar brand was built in 2012 located in HCMC. And has many successes in VIP segment. Dcar Limousine models with luxury style, convenience. Quality was confirmed by customers over the year.

Nice furniture from all angles, creating a shine for the reception. It’s luxurious and delicate in every angle whether you are the easiest or the most sophisticated are convinced by them, closing up of VIP seats of the top. With the level of capital, Dcar Limousine always be the first choice by the customer for a trip to Da Nang.


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