Car rental: Kia Sedona 7 seats to Vinpearl Resort & Golf


Tourist car rental in Danang with driver, 7-seat luxury car rental, 7-seat car to Ba Na, car 7 where to go to Hoi An

Is KIA Sedona the most convenient luxury car? 

Talking about high-class, convenient, luxurious, comfortable, classy and elegant cars, KIA Sedona is not necessarily the most advanced car line. The best thing to say is that in the car segment of 7 seats or more, Toyota Land Cruiser, BMW X5, Mercedes - Benz GLE, Dcar Limousine, Dcar Hyundai Solati Limousine, ... are high-end cars "worthy of reality", but why can KIA Sedona be in this "circle"? 

 Tourist car rental in Danang with driver, 7-seat luxury car rental, 7-seat car to Ba Na, car 7 where to go to Hoi An

KIA Sedona for rent, Tourist car rental in Danang with driver, 7-seat luxury car rental, 7-seat car to Ba Na, car 7 where to go to Hoi An


What is special about KIA Sedona?

In the segment of large 7-seat family cars in Vietnam, Kia Sedona is considered a "monument" that can hardly be replaced. Featuring a luxurious, attractive design and many modern equipment and facilities of luxury cars, Kia Sedona is favored by many customers to serve family and work. A special feature here is the smart electric sliding door system that is convenient for getting in / out of the car, with a corridor between 2 rows of seats, extremely comfortable and convenient. 

 Tourist car rental in Danang with driver, 7-seat luxury car rental, 7-seat car to Ba Na
KIA Sedona in Da Nang car rental

In addition, Sedona also owns many convenient features such as: wireless phone charger, USB connection, 115V AC outlet for charging small electronic devices, independent power-operated sunroof (depending on the option). choose)… The best thing about this car is that it can actually accommodate 7 adult passengers with an average height of 1m70 – 1m80. That means its third row of seats is spacious in both head, leg and shoulder space. 

Passengers can easily get in / out of the 2nd and 3rd row seats of the Sedona thanks to the large door that opens in the form of a slide to the back. The second row consists of two separate seats with a relatively small center aisle, but the amount of legroom is astounding.

KIA Sedona vehicle safety rating

Although the size of KIA Sedona is quite large, you do not need to worry about its safety features when the Japanese brand equips this car with a series of safety features such as: 


  • Anti-lock braking system hard brake ABS 

  • Electronic brake force distribution system EBD 

  • Emergency brake 

  • Assist system BA Hill departure support system HAC 

  • Electronic balance system ESP 

  • Automatic throttle system 

  • Push button start & electric lock Smart 

  • Remote control door lock 

  • Anti-theft 

  • System Airbag system 

  • Automatic door lock according to speed 

  • Parking assist sensor Reverse 

  • Camera 

car 7 where to go to Hoi An
KIA Sedona luxury 7-seat car rental in Da Nang, to Hoi An - Ba Na Hills, tourist car rental in Danang with driver, 7-seat luxury car rental, 7-seat

Currently, there are quite a few prices for this KIA Sedona model on the Da Nang market, some with high prices, some with low prices. Why does this happen? That's because currently the price of petrol is high, the surcharges on the journey, the car goes inside or outside the province, and the phenomenon of "burning out" the car when entering the tourist season, so the situation of car prices is "expensive as fresh shrimp" is also understandable. 

Grasping customer psychology, Da Nang Cars is committed to bringing quality service as well as competitive prices to customers who choose the service. The price goes hand in hand with the quality of service, we ensure that the car is always ready to serve your needs, the new car is modern - clean, beautiful, safe and luxurious, not inferior to a Limousine. 


thue xe da nang

Rent a car 7 for KIA Sedona in Da Nang ,  Nam Hoi An in Danang

Price list for KIA Sedona according to the route * Unit: VND/ 1-way & 2-way 
Da Nang - Hoi An: 1,800,000 / 2,900,000
Da Nang - Ba Na: 2,200,000 / 3,000,000
Da Nang - Cu Lao Cham: 2,200,000/ 3,000,000
Da Nang - City: 2,200.000 / 3,000,000
(Prices may change from time to time)

Price note:

- Price includes: Driver service, courtesy, attentiveness, petrol, fuel, airport fees, parking, tolls, driver's salary, passenger insurance , self-sufficient sleeping driver.
- Price does not include: VAT, Note: Invoice is issued within 3 working days after completing the payment, Driver Tips (if good service) and other services. Other expenses incurred (if any). 

To book a KIA Sedona car in Da Nang, luxury car rental service, please contact us




Hotline: 093 1222 865 (Mobile/zalo)



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