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Companies and businesses that choose to organize Conferences - Events in a place like Da Nang will care about how to move to that conference in the most reasonable way. To ensure consistency and professionalism, most will choose a pure black Ford Transit, which is both luxurious, elegant and professional, which is the advantage of this car in serving conference cars. 


Coming to the 16-seat car rental service for conferences and events in Da Nang of the Da Nang Cars fleet, we always prioritize the synchronization, transportation needs of customers as well as balance the budget of the event to Choosing the most suitable vehicles, Ford Transit is always the top priority of the organizers, because of its beautiful - luxurious nature. 


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Hire a car for Ford Transit in Da Nang, car rental service, event car rental in Da Nang 

What is event car rental? 

Car rental for events is one of the categories of conferences - annual/quarterly events, especially big events, it is indispensable for the passenger shuttle service. This service was formed due to the need to rent a car by the hour, by the day to welcome and see off guests and event attendees. The event car rental service has many outstanding advantages compared to the self-prepared car of the company or agency. Moreover, in small events, the units will not have their own car to transport customers. 

Different from other types of car rental such as self-drive car rental, family car rental,... event car rental service will include car and driver serving at the event. Event car rental service is often used when you need to pick up guests from the airport, train station, etc. Depending on your needs, there are many types of cars you can rent for your event. 


Benefits of event car rental in Da Nang 


It is not natural for event car rental services to become popular. Renting an event car helps to optimize the budget and optimize the time for the organization of the event rather than preparing the car yourself to transport guests and event participants. Here are a few advantages of choosing an event car rental service. 

1. Save time 

2. Ensure safety 

3. Save cost 

16-seat Ford Transit car rental event car in Da Nang in Danang Cars 

16 seater car rental

Rent a conference car - 16-seat  



Event 16-seat car for event rental 


Modern and novel passenger compartment 


Why should choose to rent an event car in Da Nang?

Currently, there are quite a few event car rental agencies because event car rental services are increasingly popular to meet the needs of customers. Many small units specialize in car rental for small events, uncertain contracts, inconsistent quantity, ... in addition, these units mainly specialize in car rental for tourism, family cars. , so you need to choose for yourself a reputable and quality car unit suitable for your event car rental needs, Da Nang Cars is definitely a reasonable choice for the following reasons:  

1. Prime Fast and efficient service

2. Ensure the number of cars 

3. Professional service attitude 

4. Reasonable price 


To rent a car for events - conferences in Da Nang with good price, please contact and hotline to receive a quote soonest! 


Price note:

Price includes: Driver service, courtesy, attentiveness, petrol, fuel, airport fees, parking, tolls, driver's salary, passenger insurance, self-sufficient sleeping driver. 

Price does not include: VAT (VAT invoice is 8%, Note: Invoice is issued within 3 working days after completing the payment), Driver Tips (if good service) and other payments. expenses incurred (if any). 

High season, so the payment (deposit is 50%) is not refundable or refundable under any circumstances. 

In addition to the program, the service quota for the daily tour within the province is: 100km/day (not cumulative) and the service time is 7:30 - 19:30 daily


Rent a 16-seat Ford Transit conference car with driver, 4-45 seats (premium) tourist car rental, wedding/inquiry service car, please contact Da Nang Cars



Office: 12 Dã Tượng, Sơn Trà, Đà Nẵng

Hotline: 0905 398 364 (Mobile/Zalo)




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